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    The SDI Mid Speed Valve Piston (Kit) is a drop in, tuneable piston and shim set that greatly improves production suspension

    - Improved piston design and DU band creates less friction, giving a smoother ride
    - Creates a more linear dampening curve with more low speed dampening
    - Decreases harsh high speed dampening spike
    - Comes without bleed holes to allow for modification to suit the riders specification
    - Comes with Installation & Tuning Guide
    - Sold in Pairs
    - Made In the U.S.A.

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  2. SDEKCP6


    SDI's Elite KYB Fork Pistons replace the stock compression pistons

    - Improved Port Flow Design
    - More linear dampening curve
    - Hardened DLC coated piston provides more consecutive dampening force over the life of your suspension, preventing the piston from deforming.
    - Sold in Pairs
    - Made in the U.S.A

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  3. SDEMSVCupset


    New style spring cup allows you to update older bikes and YZ to KYBs new leaf valve spring setup (sold in sets) Learn More

3 Item(s)