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SDI Elite White Glove Suspension Service

As a WP Authorized center, SDI is trained and authorized to work on WP Production and Kit Suspension lines, including the Cone Valve Forks, and Trax shocks. To provide the absolute best and most complete service, we’re proud to offer the “White glove” service to our customers.

The white glove service is as follows:

  • Customers can order Kit Suspension, or send in their existing suspension off of the bike.
  • Upon receiving, suspension will be cleaned and run on dyno for base setting data
  • Suspension is then completely torn down and inspected. If necessary, worn parts will be replaced. Customers will have the opportunity to add Elite parts to their suspension.
  • Forks/Shocks are then reassembled with a completely custom setting to address the rider’s ability and riding style, from Motocross to trails, and everything in between
  • Standard Oil is replaced with SDI’s premium oil.
  • Upon rebuild, suspension is run again on dyno before leaving, showing specific changes within the setting from full closed to full open.

Services start at:

  • $999 for the Fork White Glove Service (Send in)
  • $599 for the Shock White Glove Service (Send In)

Prices do not include cost of parts being added or replaced, or shipping.

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White Glove Service

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