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Machine & Marking Services

Precision Machine & Laser Marking Service

We have a full machine shop in house ready to machine your parts.. Our Machine line up:

- Star SR38 – 38mm, 8 axis machine (12 ft bar feed)
- 2 x Star SR32JN – 32mm, 8 axis machine (12 ft bar feed)
- 2 x Star SR20R – 20mm, 8 axis machine (12 ft bar feed)
- Miyano BNA42S – 42mm, 6 axis machine (12 ft bar feed)


Samsung SL25A – 2 5/8in, live tool single spindle
HIT 8, HIT 15, HIT 18 lathes (4 ft bar feeds)

Four Fadal Mills (4th Axis Capable, High Speed Spindles)
High Speed Drill Tap Machines (Pallet Changer, 4th Axis)


Inspection & Testing Equipment:
Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
Optical Comparators
Rockwell Hardness Testers
Roehrig Ema-4K Test Dyno
CTW Rotational Damper

Our laser marking department makes it easy for customers to have the parts we machine marked with a logo, or
serialization. From individual pieces, to larger runs, we can set up to fill any need.

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