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Eclik Suspension


Why Eclik?

You don’t have to get out of your vehicle to put it in 4x4 anymore, so why should you have to get out to adjust your suspension? That’s what SDi wanted to prove when it began development on the Eclik, an electronic shock system that can be used on Jeeps, UTV’s and snowmobiles. Launched in 2018 at the SEMA show in a collaboration with Walker Evans Racing, Eclik became known as the next step in suspension development.

“Suspension has always been about trade-offs,” stated SDi owner, Dan Worley. “If you make an improvement in one area, you lose something in another. With Eclik, that problem has been solved.” He continued, “I spent my life helping the fastest riders in the world navigate the toughest racecourses known to man, but always had to compromise the perfect setup. If a motorcycle turned well, then it wouldn’t jump well. If it jumped well, it didn’t perform as good in the whoops. There was always a trade-off. The dream was to make suspension change to adapt to each corner, hill and bump…. basically, be perfect no matter the situation.”

SDi has spent nearly a decade developing custom electronic valves, optimizing shock absorbers and utilizing complex oil paths and sensors to detect vehicle situations and algorithms which allow this revolutionary suspension the ability to predict what’s next. The Eclik system allows the driver to make a suspension change from their vehicle when needed. Better yet, the Eclik Active system, does the job for you. Eclik has the perfect melody of hydraulics, electronics and software that result in a predictive, non-comprising dynamic system. An electronically controlled valve is used to adjust oil flow patterns. The sensors communicate to the system what mode is needed and the suspension automatically adjusts creating the perfect ride every time. 

• High Quality 2.5in Walker Evans piggyback shocks are used for the front and rear
• Easy Shock adjustment from the comfort of the driver’s seat, no more getting out of the vehicle to count turns or clicks
• Completely Separate Front and Rear shock adjustability
• Seamless Wire & Electronics integration
• Designed for use with 2.5 & 3.5 inch lifts on JL Jeeps, 3" & 4.5" lifts on JK Jeeps.
• Made in the USA